I am so thrilled to photograph you and your horse! Thank you so much for this opportunity to capture your connection.
 Ok, so you really truly can wear whatever you want. I want you to be comfortable and happy, BUT I do have a few tips to help you get the most out of the feel and style of your photos.
So, lets get started!

1. Dress Up or Dress Down!
Pinterest is honestly my go‑to for outfit ideas! Wear your clean and crisp riding clothes or go for something more dressy! Neutral tones are flattering, but if you’re a wild and colorful fashion kinda person, let’s have fun with it! 
P.S. Bring a comfy pair of barn shoes to change into between locations so that you aren’t walking all over in heels. You’ll thank me later!

2. Clean, Oil and Polish It All!
That extra 10 minutes of cleaning or grooming will make a huge difference in your session’s results! Try to fix bridle keepers and forelock fros, and remove Apple Watches and hair ties from your wrists.

3. There’s No Rush.
If you or your horse needs a break, that is ok! I will do everything I can to create a fun and relaxed experience, but sometimes being in front of the camera is stressful. I get it! So if your horse is being antsy, take a little walk break or let them have a snack. If you feel like they need it, I also suggest lounging them before your session starts.

4. Bring a Friend!
I make an effort to bring an assistant. But if you have a friend who wants to hang, horse savvy or not, bring them! I will absolutely be hyping you up, but there's nothing quite like a good friend yelling "YAS QUEEN" when you bring out your inner runway model. We will have so much fun creating and being silly in an attempt to get your horse's ears up, and attempting to make you laugh as hard as possible!

5. Seriously, it's Fun!
(Pun Intended)

Because without fun, what’s the point? This isn't school portraits or formal family photos. This is YOU and your best friend, your partner, your secret keeper, and the one who sets your soul free on a bad day... your horse.
 Cherish this time, laugh at the horse slobber (I can photoshop that out!) and marvel at the beauty of your friendship with each other. That is what it's all about. 

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