Jul 12, 2021

Western Kansas Elopement Styled Shoot


Kansas might not be the state that everyone thinks of eloping in. But I’m here to tell you that you should absolutely consider it! And my husband and I eloped in 2019, so I can definitely vouch for running away and getting married 😉

The Sunflower State is known for being flat, full of wheat and vast in sunshine and sunflowers. We don’t have mountains or oceans to choose from as a backdrop for your wedding and it’s never the first choice. Heck, it wasn’t my husband and I’s first choice either! We opted for mountains in Colorado! But the longer I live here I keep thinking, what if I had fallen in love with Kansas sooner, and chosen it instead?

It’s a land full of hidden treasures, and simple but beautiful landscapes that don’t take away or distract from the love between a couple. Try getting off the highway and drive for a bit and you’ll see what I’m talking about. There is no shortage of dreamy fields with wide open skies and winding rivers to choose from, and anywhere from the Flint Hills, to the Smoky Hills, Gypsum Hills and Sand Hills are places that are perfect to say your vows. Also, there are so many incredible people here who are willing to give their all in making your day special, whether it be through a unique venue or a handmade bouquet.

Sooooo consider Kansas. You won’t be disappointed in choosing yourselves and your story by eloping, and choosing Kansas as your location. ❤

Model Groom: Garth B.
Model Bride: Ashley R.
Venue: @moonlightharvestgc
Flowers: @jorinotjoy
Cake: @nursekimmiek
Charcuterie: @luxury_events_by_sasha
Painting: Joel Phillips Paintings
Dress: @lulus
Designer: Mira 3 Photography
Fueled By: @ranchwater, @loneriverbevco

All Images are property of Olivia Danielle Photography

©Olivia Danielle Photography 2021

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