Oct 31, 2020

Rachel & Russell – Great Smoky Mountains Engagement


These two bonded over a love of fishing and were quickly “hooked” on each other 😉 But that was 9 years ago, and through the years they have become stronger together and as individuals. They are perfect for each other and balance and support the other just in the way they need it.❤️ It was a joy to capture these two in their happy place: the mountains, the rivers and fields of Great Smoky Mountains National Park.💕 We did a little “adventure elopement” and spent the afternoon in the Smokies until the night kicked us out, enjoying each other’s company and photographing their epic-ness. Thank you Rachel & Russell for all the laughs, fun and friendship, and for trusting me to capture this milestone.♥️

©Olivia Danielle Photography 2020

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