Jan 13, 2022

Metzli and Sinatra: Kansas City Horse and Rider Session


Kansas City provided some incredible color last fall, all the way to the middle of November when I was finally able to photograph the amazing Metzli & the beautiful horse she leases, Sinatra. When I got to the barn I totally wanted to call Sinatra, “Frank”, but that’s just me being a weirdo.

Metzli is a natural in front of the camera, but she will definitely say otherwise. She has such a great smile, and she radiates when she is around her horse. I am so blessed to photograph a lot of incredible connections, and this was definitely one for the books.😊

We ventured around West End Farm’s gorgeous grounds, soaking in the last bit of golden hour. We spent a fair amount of time under a big ol’ oak capturing the relationship between these two, and that was probably the most incredible color I had seen all fall.

I’m usually a bit more full of words when I write, but this connection doesn’t need a narration. Enjoy the images and special bond between these two. ❤

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